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Post Treatment Habits That Can Help Your Health

1076969_94629780If you’re finishing up Cancer treatment, you’ll know that it takes a huge toll on your health. For this reason it’s recommended that patients start to build healthier habits that can help them not only feel better after extensive chemotherapy, but can also help speed up recovery times and aid in healing. It’s also been shown that creating healthier habits can help put people in a positive state of mind: doing good things for your body is something that will put anyone in a great mood. Not only will you physically feel much better, but you’ll also feel mentally less stressed and more positive.

One of the best things that you can start to do is to track your eating habits, and incorporate more raw and natural foods. Sometimes it can be expensive to do this, so we recommend only starting out with what you can afford. However, even a little bit helps! Adding servings of Kale and other fresh, leafy greens can be shown to not only boost energy levels, but it does great things for your digestive system because of the added fiber. Add in some almonds for protein and reap the benefits of the healthy fats. If you can make these foods organic, then definitely do so! However, if you can’t afford the organic variety, the regular variety will do just as well.

Starting a small exercise routine can also help cancer survivors feel better. Check with your doctor first, of course, but start to investigate small ways that you can start to incorporate easy exercise into your daily routine. Even just walking is a great way to get yourself moving, and it’s very low stress on your body. Start with small distances, but do them regularly. Pretty soon you will notice your stamina improving, as well as your overall mood. Exercise—even easy exercise—has been shown to have a dramatic effect on mood. And if you improve your mood (which is often an issue sometimes for people who have had difficult health problems) you can often improve your health. The mind and body connection is very strong, and can dramatically affect your health depending on what your mindset is.

If you’re looking for a great and fun way to track these changes in your life, then you might want to invest in a software program or an app on your phone. These programs can show your overall progress as well as how far you’ve come. It’s been shown that just tracking results can help someone stay on track with life changes and new habits and goals such as these. If you’re hesitant because you think your computer won’t be able to run the software, don’t worry. You can easily tune up your PC so you can run software programs such as these.  If your Windows computer is especially slow you can use programs such as Reimage in order to fix it up rather than reinstall the whole thing or buy a new computer.  Check out this tech blog for some ideas. It’s a very easy process and you won’t need to take your PC in to a tech support man. I’ve known a lot of people, especially older folks, who aren’t tech savvy avoiding using the computer because it’s become slow or unresponsive, and difficult to use. Don’t fall into that trap – it’s easy to get started.